Woocommerce Dynamically add/remove products from cart by using hooks and fucntions

Ever needed to dynamically add/remove products to a visitor’s cart based on their cart contents? The below functions will help you do just that. Place them in the functions.php of your theme or (better) in a separate plugin and you are all set. Just make sure to modify the qualifies_for_incentive function to work based on your rules. /** * […]

How to add custom fields to user registration form (my account) in Woocommerce?

Adding new fields Appears quite modest and without many fields, but we can add additional fields using the actions: woocommerce_register_form_start – Appears before the “Address Email” field woocommerce_register_form – Appears after the “Password” field For example, let’s add “EIN Number”, “Company Name”  fields: /** * Add new register fields for WooCommerce registration. * * @return string […]