Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design Services

How do you plan to address the ever-changing view of devices, browsers, screen sizes and orientations? Using Responsive Web Design, you can create flexible and fluid web layouts that can adapt to almost any screen resolution, including mobile devices.

RWD Development / Website Designs for Various Devices

Resources and time are required in ample to build special mobile sites for individual devices. It may still result in inconsistent sites that are difficult to maintain. Here the responsive web design steps in and allows the creation of websites which get adapted in accordance with the user’s browser.

Comprising smooth and flowable layouts and flexible images, the responsive web designs deliver optimal layout. It ensures that the site looks appealing and is consistent regardless of the device. A responsive website design supports you in making available the same information and user experience to all your users, besides facilitating effortless maintenance as keeping a single website up to date is easier than organizing multiple device centric sites.

Care about the Look of the Responsive Web Design?

In the first image above, the browser looks wide as it would appear on a desktop. The essentials of the page are spread out in a parallel fashion with numerous columns along with a banner image and video.

Talking of the second image, the browser window is narrower as it would appear on a digital tablet. The design has made a shift in response to the width of the browser, which helps displaying the elements of the page efficiently. Moreover, the banner is simplified and the basic content is confined to a single column with the thickening of the navigation and footer.

The third image portrays how the design might appear on a portable device with a slim browser width. Here, the navigation has moved into a stacked pattern with the elimination of the banner image. The images are minor and the content column is narrower. Regardless of the small size of the browser, the hierarchy of the page content is maintained making the content clear and feasible to navigate